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Stan Shockley
November 24, 2016

Aug 22, 2016 I was in the ER of Inland Valley Empire hospital I was diagnosed with a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) Basically a blood clot. It was about the size of a marble my leg was swollen to almost the size of a grapefruit. I was put on blood thinners to reduce the size of the clot. I was told by my Dr I would have it the rest of life. I being told would need a inferior vena cava filter (IVC filter). So i could get a treatment for my bladder. My wife and I went God's Grace healing Room's for Prayer and a Healing. Was anointed with oil and prayed for and prophesied over and given PS: 91 to read. 11/15/16 was scheduled to have the inferior vena cava filter (IVC filter) to be put in 11/23/16 I prayed for an answer to this my wife and I both decide to not have it done. Went to my Dr. on 11/18/16 told him I want a Venous ultrasound done the lab tech told me my blood clot was gone no traces of it in my body God's Grace Healing Room's are instrument provided by God and the people there are used by Him. You need prayer a healing goo and be blessed.

jill darling
January 18, 2016

Thank God for this place. I came Sat Jan 9 th Lower back was hurting 3 people prayed over me by Faith I was healed Immediately.So grateful !!!

Global Product Resources Inc.

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43350 Business Park Dr, Temecula, CA 92590, USA

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